Feature Labs

Advanced data science automation designed to integrate with your data and infrastructure
Benefits of data science automation
Solve What Matters Most
With data science automation, you can focus on what to solve rather than how to solve it.
Improve Data Science Accessibility
You'll increase involvement from product and domain experts in the data science process.
Scale Your Productivity
Cultivating your data science capabilities allows you to avoid tedious tasks and lets you focus on growth.
State of the art technology

"New MIT algorithm rubs shoulders with human intuition in big data analysis"

The Washington Post

"An Algorithm May Be Better Than Humans at Breaking Down Big Data"


"System that replaces human intuition"

MIT News
Use cases
Add data science capabilities to your team
The existing landscape of data science products makes it difficult for teams to adopt. Feature Labs helps you eliminate the noise and gain the ability to make the most of your data.
Launch new products
Finding the resources to develop the next breakthrough product or feature is a challenge for all organizations. Feature Labs enables product and development teams to prototype and deploy predictive models on a timeline that can fit into any product roadmap.
Rapidly explore data
The time needed to build end-to-end analytical models prevents organizations from asking all possible questions of their data. Feature Labs enables analysts to have a comprehensive understanding of their data in less time.

In order to successfully integrate data science into an organization, a platform that flexibly addresses the wide range of prediction problems encountered is needed. Many companies offer pre-built applications for specific data science use cases. However, data doesn't appear the same between organizations, hindering the path to implementation. Feature Labs has proven itself across a variety of industries as a robust data science solution for your organization.

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