How it works

Featuretools is powered by Deep Feature Synthesis (DFS). With DFS, you can automatically extract predictive features for your data using feature engineering building blocks called primitives.

When put to the test in three world wide competitions DFS outperformed 615 of 906 human teams.

How It Works

Premium Primitives

Primitives capture the collective knowledge of thousands of data scientists

When you use Featuretools, primitives help you find the right signals to improve machine learning model performance.

To ensure you are building the best models possible, we regularly release primitives that address new data types, augment your data with external sources, and pinpoint unique signals in different domains.

Subscribe to access our curated library of more than 100 premium primitives.


How Primitives Help

Who’s your ideal customer?

The Median Income Primitive can augment your data to create predictive customer profiles for each product

Tabel - Select Data Created with Sketch. CUSTOMER NAME TRANSACTION DATE PRODUCT PURCHASED SHIPPING ZIP CODE Carly Camera 1/20/2018 45211 Sam 50” TV 1/29/2018 33428 Rico Speakers 2/4/2018 60004 John 70” TV 1/22/2018 22101 Jaron 70” TV 2/1/2018 11021 Shannon 70” TV 2/2/2018 94027

Select Data

Identity all transcations for a particular product

Tabel - Select Data Created with Sketch. CUSTOMER NAME TRANSACTION DATE SHIPPING ZIP CODE MEDIAN INCOME Carly 1/20/2018 45211 $186,000 Sam 1/29/2018 33428 $244,000 John 1/22/2018 22101 $90,000

Apply Median Income Primitive

Estimate each customer’s income using the shipping zip code

tabel Created with Sketch. Customer Profile 70” Television | Samsung Mean Income of Customer $173,000 Min Income of Customer $90,000 Max Income of Customer $244,000 Diff Max and Min Incomes $154,000 Last Updated: 6 hrs ago

Extract Better Features

Automatically generate the “income profile” for each product to feed into your models

Scale Feature Engineering Workflows

Transitioning from development to deployment should be easy.

Whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, you can run Featuretools with Apache Spark and Dask.
We haven’t come a dataset too large to handle.

What people are saying

Accenture is working to standardize AI engineering practices for predictable and high-speed production releases and reliable development of AI systems. Featuretools is the kind of ready-to-use software that will help us scale and sustain AI systems.

Rajendra Prasad

Global Automation Lead, Accenture Technology

Featuretools allows me to hit the ground running when building new machine learning applications. I recommend it to all developers who want an easy-to-learn API that saves them time so they can focus on making their users happy.

Colin Sidoti

CTO, Harbor Plan

Featuretools targets a really severe bottleneck in machine learning projects to save time and build better models. It is a game changing library.

Rui Quintino

AI Lead, DevScope


Your purchase comes with a year’s worth of updates.

$50,000/ Year

Enterprise-grade Featuretools along with basic installation help and support from the team that developed it.
  • Deep Feature Synthesis
  • 50+ primitives developed by the Feature Labs Team
  • Develop your own custom primitives

Onboarding and Training

  • Installation and configuration assistance

Tier 1 Support

  • Email support
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$100,000/ Year
Featuretools Team

Training, support, and custom primitives developed by our experts.
  • Deep Feature Synthesis
  • 100+ premium primitives developed by the Feature Labs Team
  • 3 custom primitives developed by our experts, specifically for your team’s needs.

Onboarding and Training

  • Installation and configuration assistance
  • Featuretools Workshop for up to 6 Team Members
  • Featuretools Certification

Tier 2 Support

  • Phone and email support during business hours
  • General Guidance
  • 1 day guaranteed response
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Custom Pricing
Featuretools Enterprise

Partner with our team to get the full value out of Featuretools, along with enterprise-grade, 24/7 support.
  • Deep Feature Synthesis
  • 100+ premium primitives
  • 5+ custom primitives developed by our experts, specifically for your team’s needs.
  • Additional data augmentation primitives
  • Scale with Apache Spark or Dask

Onboarding and Training

  • Consultative setup and configuration optimization
  • Installation and configuration assistance
  • Customized Featuretools and Machine Learning workshop
  • 1-on-1 sessions with Featuretools developers

Tier 3-4 Support

  • Dedicated Support Engineer
  • Consultative review and guidance based on your applications
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • 4 hour guaranteed response
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Here’s what you need to know. For any other questions, Contact Us

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?

We’re committed to helping the world use machine learning. If you are student, researcher, or educator. Please contact us to request a discount.

Do I have to send my data to Feature Labs?

No, any existing installation of Featuretools can be upgraded to a commericial version. There is no need to send us your data. If you are looking for a hosted solution, consider Feature Labs Tempo.

How is paying for Featuretools different than the open source?

All version of Featuretools have the same API. By subscribing to a commericial version of Featuretools you get access to premium primitives, frequent updates, and support as described above.

Can you invoice me?

Yes! We offer invoicing for our enterprise customers. Please contact us for details.

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