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Feature Labs is advanced data science automation for your data
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Unlock Data Science

Deploy data science solutions

Feature Labs helps developers create production-ready models just as fast as the experts.

Learn to build AI systems

The technical details of predictive modeling can be overwhelming. Feature Labs offers on-boarding sessions tailored to your specific data and uses cases to get you started efficiently.

Incorporate into your workflow

You can build predictive models from notebooks hosted on Feature Labs' web interface or use our APIs from your preferred IDE.

Accelerate data understanding

Understanding your data is one of the highest barriers to value. Feature Labs makes it easy to conduct the necessary exploratory analysis before building an end-to-end analytical model.

Iterate towards insight

Feature Labs reduces the time you spend questioning your data. That enables you to learn more from your dataset in the same amount of time.

Add predictive modeling to your skill set

Feature Labs makes it easy to develop and evaluate predictive models -- even for those with no previous experience.

Create road maps with confidence

It’s hard to estimate how much time you’ll need to develop predictive models. With Feature Labs, timelines for development and deployment become clear.

Rapidly iterate

Mapping a service or product need into prediction problem is an iterative process. Feature Labs structures the modeling approach to make it easy to refine models as new situations and requirements arise.

Add data science capabilities to your team

With Feature Labs, you can deploy predictive models into production by enabling your existing team in the data science process. You won’t have to rely on external data science teams to design or implement solutions.

Create the next breakthrough product or feature

In today's highly-competitive landscape, making full use of your company's data is a necessity for real innovation. Feature Labs gives you the capability to unleash the potential of your data and stand out.

Become data-driven

Enable your existing resources to use data to enhance your products/services, improve your business processes, and uncover new insights to inform your strategy.

Executive education

Your data is just like you and your company -- unique. With so many options for integrating and utilizing data science, it can be difficult to know which direction to go. The team behind Feature Labs is your resource for analyzing data science strategy and identifying the most effective path.
"Machine Learning Ready" Data
  • Transform multi-table datasets into feature vectors ready for machine learning algorithms
  • Tested against 1000 data scientists in 3 world-wide competitions
  • Performs >90% as well as top human competitors
Load data from CSV, HDFS, SQL databases, or Amazon S3
Automated Feature Engineering
World's most complete implementation of Deep Feature Synthesis
Hosted Notebooks with Backup
Use pre-configured environment for development
Operationalize models
Evaluate and deploy predictive models
Python and HTTP API
Use your existing IDE and easily integrate into your application
Machine Learning Models
Full suite of machine learning algorithms for classification, regression, and clustering
Market Research
Fraud Detection

In order to successfully integrate data science into an organization, a platform that flexibly addresses the wide range of prediction problems encountered is needed. Many companies offer pre-built applications for specific data science use cases. However, data doesn't appear the same between organizations, hindering the path to implementation. Feature Labs has proven itself across a variety of industries as a robust data science solution for your organization.