Feature Engineering: The Secret to Data Science Success

by Max Kanter, CEO | November 14, 2017

Prior to starting Feature Labs, I researched data science automation in the Data to AI Lab at MIT. Unlike most data scientists who work in a single domain, our group had sponsors from a wide range of industries. This gave us the unique opportunity to develop innovative solutions to use with the diverse problems we worked on.

Applying Data Science Automation to Better Predict Credit Card Fraud

by Ben Schreck, Chief Data Scientist | October 25, 2017

If you use a credit card, you probably know the feeling of having your card declined due to a suspected fraudulent transaction. An industry report from 2015 found that one out of every six legitimate cardholders experienced at least one declined transaction because of inaccurate fraud detection in the past year. That makes fraud detection an expensive problem for issuers: Those declined transactions lead to nearly $118 billion dollars in losses on an annual basis.

Even though numerous machine learning approaches have been developed in the past to address fraud, newly introduced data science automation platforms like Feature Labs give us a reason to revisit the problem. And now, any organization can see the power of automation for themselves using our just announced developer library, Featuretools.

Featuretools at CMU's Learn Lab

by Feature Labs | October 5, 2017

Feature Labs visited Carnegie Mellon University this past July to participate in the 17th annual Simon Initiative’s LearnLab Summer School on Educational Data Mining. During the program we introduced teams to Featuretools, our open source feature engineering library. You can find the complete details in the Featuretools blog post, but here the highlights:

Open Sourcing Featuretools

by Max Kanter, CEO | September 27, 2017
Open Sourcing Featuretools

I created Deep Feature Synthesis two years ago while I was a student at MIT. My intention from the very beginning was to one day share that technology with the world. That day has finally come, and Featuretools is now available for anyone to use for free.

Introducing our Blog

by Max Kanter, CEO | September 25, 2017

Feature Labs has come a long way since we started the company in 2015. We’ve spent countless hours developing our technology, working with customers, and traveling the world to share the exciting work we’re doing. Now that Feature Labs is growing faster than ever before, we are launching another venue for us to share our stories.

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