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Rapid Response

  • Left untreated, adverse health events such as seizures, cardiac or respiratory arrest, or acute hypotensive episodes can cause serious harm to a patient.
  • Automatically extract predictive signals from physiologic waveforms (EKG, O2 saturation, etc), time series, and accompanying clinical data.
  • A reasonable and rapid response can provide additional time to determine a better course of treatment.
  • Medical professionals can use this application to help them provide timely and appropriate interventions to reduce the risks from a delayed response.
GET APP Feature Labs makes it easy to connect to your data and deploy

How it Works

This application is ready to be deployed to provide value right away.

To get started, you just need to map your data to the required inputs. From there, Feature Labs’ data science automation will take care of the rest. The application will automatically

  • Extract historical examples to learn from
  • Identify predictive signal using Deep Feature Synthesis
  • Select and optimize a machine learning model for deployment

This application is not a black box. After the initial integration is made, it is simple for a developer to add additional data sources, tweaking the prediction problem, and deeply inspect how each step in the process works.

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