Why Feature Labs?

In today's world, innovative companies use their data to stay ahead of the competition. Predictive modeling with Feature Labs enables developers, analysts, managers, and executives to develop and deliver intelligent products that are tailored to their organization's need.

Solving business problems with "Prediction Engineering"

Translating a business need to a technical prediction problem definition often requires many iterations. While use cases are similar, the data and processes to take advantage of predictive models can vary between large enterprises. Feature Labs offer a flexible interface to define and predict any future "event" of interest. After building a simple predictive model, you can refine the prediction to answer questions like

  • Can we accurately predict if the event of interest happens in next Y days?
  • If we predict X days in advance, how much does predictive accuracy decrease?
  • Can we change the model to only predict after an event Z occurs?

Automated Feature Engineering

Most machine learning companies expect data to cleanly formatted as a single table where there is one column to predict using all others. However, many datasets are actually observations collected over time and don't fit this format. In order to make predictions about the future, we need to extract patterns from our historical data. Feature Labs does this automatically for any relational and time series dataset using our proprietary algorithm called Deep Feature Synthesis. This enables users to get human data scientist level accuracy in 1/10th of the time.

Easy Model deployment

Return on invesment only arrives when organizations operationalize and integrate the predictive models they develop. Feature Labs is built to make it possible to transition from exploratory work to production. Once your work is in production, it's easy to retrain on new data, tweak modeling parameters, and evaluate performance with confidence.