What is Feature Labs?

It is challenging to make the most of your organization's data with scarce data science resources. Feature Labs easily integrates into your data fabric and helps developers, analysts, managers, and executives to deploy new products or services, find insights, and understand what their data says about the future of their business. Simply, Feature Labs enables the world’s best companies to stay ahead of the competition. What could you do with Feature Labs?

Feature Labs unlocks Data Science

Deploy data science solutions

Feature Labs helps developers create production-ready models as fast as the experts.

Learn to build AI systems

The technical details of predictive modeling can be overwhelming. Feature Labs offers on-boarding sessions based on your data and use cases to help get you up to speed.

Incorporate into your workflow

Build predictive models from notebooks hosted on Feature Labs' web interface or use our APIs from your preferred IDE.

Accelerate data understanding

Understanding your data is one of the biggest barriers to extract value. Feature Labs makes it easy conduct the exploratory analysis required before building end-to-end analytical models.

Iterate towards insight

Feature Labs reduces the time it takes to asks questions of your data. This means you can learn more from your dataset in the same amount of time.

Add predictive modeling to your skill set

Feature Labs makes it easy develop and evaluate predictive models, even for people who have no previous experience.

Confidently plan road maps

Data science development time is hard estimate. With Feature Labs, the process to develop and deploy predictive models becomes predictable.

Rapidly iterate

Mapping a business or product need to prediction problem is an iterative process. Feature Labs structures the modeling approach to make easy to refine models as new situations and requirements arise.

Add data science capabilities to your team

Deploying predictive models into production by enabling your existing team to get involved in the data science process. With Feature Labs, you no longer have to rely on external data science teams to design solutions.

Create the next breakthrough product or feature

In today's competitive landscape, innovating using your company's data is required. Feature Labs embeds the capability to unleash the potential in your company's data.

Become data-driven

Enable your existing resources to use data to enhances products, improve business processes, and uncover insights that inform your strategy.

Executive education

With a multitude of options, it can be hard to know the quickest path to value with your data. The team behind Feature Labs is your resource for data science strategy.
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